Bevenco International

Under the banner 'Bevenco international' we have been active in the field of export for a number of years. Think of surrounding countries such as Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. But also worldwide our drinks find their way to all kinds of beautiful countries and areas such as: Korea, Tahiti, Singapore, Spain and Denmark.

Small quantities, full trucks, but also complete containers: Our export department ensures that your shipment from our warehouse worldwide is arranged to perfection. With our large, trusted network of transporters and customs warehouses we take care of the shipment and complete handling!

The brands listed below are currently being exported by us. Are you also interested in our products? Please contact us so that we can inform you about the possibilities.

AGP Permit
Bevenco B.V. has an AGP licence. When purchasing the total range of drinks, we do not have to pay excise duty to the Dutch government. This enables us to supply wine, beer, spirits and all other products to foreign countries free of excise duty. We will then provide the delivery with a customs-approved excise document. That makes the export process a lot easier for you!

Our international products from Gerolsteiner. Click on the logo to view them.

Our international products from Silver Ocean Hard Seltzer. Click on the logo to view them.