El Paisano de Tares

El Paisano de Tares

The red summer wine par excellence! El Paisano de Tares is made from the Mencia & Co, where Co stands for 5 different grape varieties. The vineyards are planted with all sorts of grape varieties. Both white and red. All ripe grapes are harvested at the same time and this delicious juice of El Paisano is made from it. And that to the delight of many enthusiasts! This juice is best enjoyed at a serving temperature of around 12 degrees! The wine has a great nose with lots of fresh red fruit, violets and light sweetness of pastry. It is juicy and expressive in the mouth with a fullness of strawberry, raspberry, red currant and floral notes. A soft, refreshing, well-drinkable wine with a fullness of flavour. 

Domino de Tares

Dominio de Tares is located in the region of El Bierzo (León). The winery is located in an exceptional environment, surrounded by high-quality vineyards. Dominio de Tares is traditional in growing and harvesting the grapes, but uses the most modern techniques to extract the best quality wine from the grape. The aim is to produce great white and red wines that express the pure character of El Bierzo.

Dominio de Tares arrived here after an extensive search for the best vineyards and soils in D.O. Bierzo. The soil here is very rich and suitable. In addition, beautiful indigenous varieties were planted here, such as Mencía and Godello. The richness of El Bierzo translates into quality and taste in the terroir wines of Dominio de Tares. The geographical location of El Bierzo is very unique. Its biological characteristics and microclimate, with mild temperatures and humidity, allow for the qualitative production of great wines from indigenous varieties. The result is a series of elegant and complex white and red wines, which are extremely fascinating in terms of expressing the quality of the terroir.

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