Franklin&Sons Rhubarb

This rhubarb tonic has been developed from inspiration drawn from chefs who chose to poach rhubarb in hibiscus flowers to bring out its sweet and spicy notes. The best rhubarb for this tonic provides an abundant 'fresh cut' sourness to the flavour. The addition of the hibiscus flower makes it just that little bit more refined! This pink tonic therefore brings out the best in spiced gins or cocktails with ginger liqueur 

Perfect Pairings: 
Pairs beautifully with spicy gins with notes of cinnamon, cardamom and aniseed. It also makes a great tonic to complement a wheat-based vodka with natural vanilla notes.

Mexican, Portuguese and English cuisine, dishes such as salsa, pork, beetroot or a goat cheese salad.

Introducing Franklin & Sons' handcrafted, exclusive tonics and mixers, which are the perfect match for the very best craft spirits. The first products were born in 1886, sold from the family's small confectionery shop at 171 High Street, Rickmansworth, London. From there, the ball started rolling and the three Franklin brothers began successfully selling their homemade soft drinks. Today, over a hundred years later, we celebrate that success with a range of drinks that combine unique ingredients to guarantee Franklin's taste excellence, without ever compromising the spirits they share the glass with.

All Franklin & Sons drinks contain only natural aromas, extracts and colourings. No preservatives or sweeteners are used.

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