Gerolsteiner Mineral Water

Gerolsteiner Mineral Water

Water is water, right? Absolutely not! There is a substantial difference between water and water itself. Many peoples and countries are aware of this. But because of the qualitatively reasonable tap water in the Netherlands, we are less aware of it. 

Water is an essential nutrient for our body and the most important food! Drinking water is the healthiest way to hydrate. Gerolsteiner refreshes the whole body and provides it with valuable minerals.

Gerolsteiner is a mineral water of the highest quality. But what makes it so special? Because of its volcanic origin, Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water contains its own valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate. And thanks to the balanced content of calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate, Gerolsteiner mineral water tastes neither salty, sour nor bitter, but pleasantly natural and neutral.

Maintaining this great quality has always been, and still is, Gerolsteiner's top priority. That is why Gerolsteiner's experts carefully monitor each individual production step: from the spring to the bottle, from labelling to loading. In this way Gerolsteiner can guarantee that the mineral water you drink from one of its bottles has the same quality as at the source: fresh and pure!

When it comes to quality assurance, Gerolsteiner not only complies with the strict legal requirements. Up to 300 water samples are taken every day to ensure an ideal mineral balance and the highest level of purity.


Calcium is the quantitatively most important mineral substance in the human body. In total, about one kilogram of calcium is stored in our body; 99% of it is in our bones. As is the case with other minerals, it cannot be produced by our organism itself. As a result, we have to consume the recommended daily amount from food. Calcium already dissolved in mineral water is extremely well absorbed by the body. The natural availability of calcium from mineral water is at least as good as the calcium contained in milk.


Magnesium is - like all minerals and trace elements - an essential nutrient. This means that the human body needs magnesium, but cannot produce it itself. The daily magnesium requirement is 350 to 400 mg. So we need to take it up through our diet. A lot of magnesium is consumed during sports or stressful situations. Magnesium-rich mineral water provides an optimal supplement.


Bicarbonate is a natural component of our mineral water. It is combined in our mineral water with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Bicarbonate has an acid-neutralising effect and gives Gerolsteiner mineral water a pleasantly neutral and natural taste.

1 Litre of Gerolsteiner Medium and Sprudel contains 1/3 of the recommended daily amount of calcium and 1/4 of magnesium!

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