Willems Wermoed

Willem's Wermoed; the first Dutch vermouth

The journey of Willem's Wermoed began in 2015 at the Amsterdam Hortus Botanicus, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. Founded in 1638 as Hortus medicus, the garden grew over four centuries into a large botanical garden with a flourishing collection. The rich selection of plants and herbs in the Hortus are the inspiration for the creation of our premium botanical vermouth. 

The name Willem was inspired by the various explorers who, during the golden age, embraced the unknown. The unknown brought them new discoveries. Wermoed is the old Dutch name for wormwood, one of the ingredients that gives vermouth its name.   

Premium Botanical vermouth

Willem's Wermoed premium vermouth range is made with natural botanical ingredients. The herbs (and plants) are carefully processed with quality wines from France and Spain.    

Willem's Wermoed Original

Warm and rich vermouth based on 24 different botanical ingredients. These include pine buds, oranges, cherry stems and thyme infused in a beautiful rich wine from Valencia, which has been aged in oak barrels for at least two years.   

Willem's Wermoed Dutch Dry

A full-bodied dry white vermouth with a clear presence of botanical herbs such as sage, thyme, juniper and rhubarb root. The aromatic fresh wine in this dry vermouth comes from the French Languedoc region. Perfect for drinking as an aperitif.  

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