One-Eyed Rebel Rum

One-Eyed Rebel Rum; fiery and spicy!

This is not your grandfather's rum... This is revolution in a bottle! If you're looking for new worlds, you need to leave safe havens behind... A rum, as never before tasted and shown. A rum that breaks new ground with flavour notes that surprise, stimulate and enthral. Words cannot summarise. Flavours of fiery ginger, laced with herbal ingredients and challenging spices, sultry vanilla undertones and a body of rich cinnamon will set your glass on fire. Experience it for yourself soon, taste it pure on ice or as the perfect partner at Franklin&Sons Cola, Ginger Beeror even better, the Mandarin Mixer with Ginger! At the end of August, many bottles will arrive in the Netherlands and they will soon be available in our warehouse! 

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