Silly Scotch!

Brave the winter cold with Silly Scotch!

The Silly brewery was one of the few Belgian breweries that managed to escape the confiscation of the much-loved copper brew kettles during WW1. However, the brewery was requisitioned by the occupiers to serve as the central brewery in the region and thus Silly could continue to brew beer as one of the few breweries in the region.

After the Battle of Bergen, on 23 August 1914, Sergeant Jack Payne of 2e Suffolk Regiment active in the region. Sergeant Payne wanted to give his soldiers a good beer and ordered brewery Silly to brew a good Anglo-Saxon beer; the Silly Scotch! After the war, Jack Payne returned to Belgium, married and continued working in the brewery.

Over the years, the Silly Scotch has become a reference in its style. The beautiful copper-red colour hides under a beige head. The complex aromas breathe brioche with sultanas, candied fruit and fresh raspberry. The generous, full-bodied beer first surprises with impressions of honey and caramel and ends with hints of plum and roasted malt. The aftertaste is refreshing.  

Will you choose the traditional Silly Scotch during the cold February days or do you prefer the Silly Scotch Barrel aged? This special edition has matured for months in Pinot Noir barrels and makes the hearts of many beer and wine lovers beat faster. Whichever variant you choose, with Silly Scotch you will be warm and tasty again!

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