Silver Ocean Seltzer

Silver Ocean Seltzer

Both the developers of Silver Ocean Seltzer and our organisation (independently) were very disappointed when they tasted the Hard Seltzers of other brands and manufacturers.  And surprised we were, too. How can this drink be such a hype if it is not so special? After research, the developers at Silver Ocean found that there are several ways to make Hard Seltzer; mixing alcohol with carbonated water or brewing. So Silver Ocean decided to make their Hard Seltzer the most natural way possible. Equipped with a home brew kit, the experiment began. After months of tasting and fine-tuning, the perfect recipe was found. The result is Silver Ocean Seltzer! Ultimate in appearance, beautiful in taste, perfect for a life in balance. Ready to conquer the market! 


Balance. A life without compromise. Enjoying today, without losing sight of the future. Something we all want, yet so few achieve it. The mission of the Silver Ocean Seltzer club is to inspire and help you find balance in life. Start with small changes. A healthier drink, for example. For us, Silver Ocean Seltzer is just the beginning. It is more than a drink, more than a brand. It is about a lifestyle. A balanced lifestyle. The goal is to bring this vision to life in the Silver Ocean Club.


Saving the oceans. The ocean is a crucial part of our planet. Unfortunately, every day it is getting more polluted and out of balance: plastic pollution, overfishing and rising temperatures. We support initiatives that contribute to a cleaner and healthier ocean, to bring back the balance. To achieve a 'silver ocean', an ocean full of healthy fish. That is why Silver Ocean donates 1% of their turnover to the Ocean Cleanup.

Silver Ocean Seltzer

What makes the Silver Ocean Seltzer different from the other Hard Seltzers? First of all, the difference is made by the enormous passion and drive of the entrepreneurs behind this product. Taste-wise there is a big difference because Silver Ocean brews the product, which is a more complex process than with other producers who mostly distill their product. By brewing, the carbon dioxide becomes pleasant and softer, allowing you to experience the added fruit flavour optimally. The drink has been developed for the conscious consumer and therefore contains only 26 calories per 100ml.

Why did the discovery of Hard Seltzers take so long?

The first hard seltzer, called Mike's Hard Lemonade, was invented in Canada in 1996. In America, it has been around since 2012, but its popularity really took off last year. It was only then that it became attractive to younger consumers as they became more aware of the number of calories, carbohydrates and sugar in products. They were looking for something to drink 'responsibly'. Hard Seltzer is also gluten free. Since 2 March 2020, Hard Seltzer has sold for no less than 1.68 billion euros in America.

Visit here the manufacturer's website. 

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