Sir.Up Cordials

Sir.Up Cordials
The biggest difference between cordials and syrups are the ingredients. The list of ingredients of cordials is short, but also very powerful: 100% fruit! Lemonade syrup, on the other hand, has a longer list of ingredients. In the list of ingredients of syrups, sugar is often at the top. The added sugars and flavourings make the lemonade syrup taste sweeter and stronger. A cordial has a mild taste and gives a real full, fruity, pure experience and is also healthier.

Margin maker
You can use Sir.Up as homemade lemonade; mix 200ml of water with 20ml of Sir.Up, add some ice and garnish and you have a nice glass of lemonade! For a glass of homemade lemonade, the cost is less than €0.35 cents. The recommended retail price is around €3,- and for a mocktail you can even ask €5,-. Besides a distinctive, qualitative offer, it is also a nice margin maker.

The Producer
MoMe developed a range of fruity non-alcoholic cordials to take cocktails, mocktails and teas to a higher level. Since the brand was only known within the chocolate world, an extension to this new product range was quite a stretch. A logical choice was to create a new brand under MoMe, with its own identity, but supported by MoMe's expertise.

Quatre Mains drew inspiration from the playful and creative nature of this product and took into account the trend-sensitive world that the hospitality industry reflects. Quatre Mains decided it needed a strong brand identity with presence. Derived from the English product name 'syrup', the new brand Sir.Up was born. They brought the 'Sir' to life and gave him a unique personality, with a straightforward but fruity attitude.

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