Viven Nada IPA

Dry January! The British created it. They love a stiff drink and that was the reason for the first Dry January campaign in 2013. Whereas 4000 Britons were on a dry spell during January in the first year, there are now around 10 million every year! More and more people are joining the initiative to go a month without drinking alcohol in January. A whole month without alcohol is not an easy task but it is an excellent way to get rid of the Christmas and homework pounds! But a bit of awareness can't hurt either.

Apart from Dry January, non-alcoholic products have been around for a long time. The beer category that has been growing the fastest for years is the category of alcohol-free beer. Today 5% of the beers drunk in the Netherlands are alcohol-free! The fact that this segment is growing so fast is, of course, not without reason. The supply is growing and the quality is improving all the time.

With Viven's Nada IPA, Tony and Krystle have ensured that 'alcohol-free and enjoyment' can go hand in hand; in fact, everyone who tastes this beer is extremely enthusiastic!

The Viven Nada IPA is as an IPA should be but without alcohol. The beer has a smooth character supported by aromatic hops and is similar to a New England IPA. Its fresh and fruity taste gives us a taste of summer that still seems a long way off. Either way, with Viven Nada IPA, dry January doesn't feel like a punishment and you'll have a delicious alcohol-free alternative for the rest of the year, too!