Alexander Black

Alexander Black - dark chocolate, espresso and dried fruit.

Taste experience
A black complex, warming and robust Porter beer. Very rich in flavour with hints of coffee, dark chocolate and dried fruit. A long, bittersweet finish makes it a wonderful beer for the colder days.

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Beer style


Colour of beer

Dark black

Hop species

Hallertau, Kent




Seasoned dishes, Spicy and mature cheeses, Meats, Sweet desserts

Available in

33cl glass oneway


Alexander Brewery
Alexander Brewery was founded in 2008 in Emek Hefer, near the Alexander River with one goal in mind: to brew an excellent Israeli craft beer, based on knowledge and tradition of quality European breweries. In our view, a craft brewery means dealing with a producer who is concerned with the quality, taste and aroma of the beer. As with all foods and drinks, the raw materials used mainly determine the quality and taste of the beer. Alexander Brewery uses only the highest quality raw materials such as European malt and hops and Israeli water that is treated by reverse osmosis and fully purified.

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