Amarcord Ama Brune

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Amarcord Ama Brune; Amber, dark in colour under a persistent head with a fragrant bouquet. The flavour is smooth and balanced combined with hints of red fruit and a slight spiciness which adds further interest...




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Amarcord Ama Brune:

Encased by a unique design, we come to the Amarcord Ama Brune; A strong Belgian amber ale brewed in Italy....

Ama is a branch of the Italian brewery Amarcord, founded in 1997 and known for brewing the most refined beers. The independent family brewery owes this status to the passionate brewing that has characterised it for some 25 years. The Italian character, which is unmistakably present, is a result of using locally grown ingredients as much as possible, selected with care...

Amarcord is distinguished, among other things, by the passion and care for the earth with which the beer is brewed. Indeed, the brewery uses natural energy sources as much as possible and the estate from which the raw materials come are maintained with the necessary expertise and care. In addition, by sourcing everything as locally as possible, Amarcord creates a vibrant environment and keeps the quality of the raw materials at its best....

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