Aureto, Aphélie Blanc

Aureto, Aphélie Blanc; The wine has a complex aroma with several layers. On smelling the wine, ripe apricots, honeydew melon and peaches from the vineyard emerge, along with the characteristic "garrigue" scent of the Luberon region. On the palate, the wine has refined, well-integrated acidity with a good balance between freshness and depth. On tasting, ripe yellow fruit and stimulating minerality and saltiness meet on the finish. In short, the wine is full and rich in flavour, with a nice balance between fruitiness and freshness, and an interesting interplay of aromas and flavours.

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Additional information



Wine name

Aphélie Blanc

Grape variety

39% Roussanne, 31% Viognier, 14% Clairette, 12% Rolle, 4% Marsanne



Harvest year


Alcohol (%)


Serving temperature

8 - 10˚C


Aureto, Aphélie Blanc; In the early morning hours, as the sun rises over the rolling hills of the vineyard, a dedicated team of workers begins the delicate process of harvesting the grapes. With precision and care, the ripe fruit is picked by hand and taken directly to the press to prevent oxidation and preserve its natural freshness.

This careful treatment of the grapes is invaluable for the final quality of the wine. The gentle pressing of the grapes and the use of natural yeasts from the vineyard in a controlled temperature process create extraordinary freshness and elegance in the wine.

With every sip of this wine, you taste the care and dedication with which the grapes were harvested and processed. It is a true celebration of the natural beauty of the vineyard and a tribute to the artisanal art of winemaking.