Casajús Barrica

Casajús Barrica - The grapes for this wine were of exceptional quality and fully ripe. The grapes were fermented in small stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 5,000 litres, which helped keep the temperature under strict control. The wine then rested for 14 months in French and American oak barrels. In bottle, the wine remains to gather and soften the tannins of the barrel and variety, which also ensures refinement and harmony overall.

The wine has a beautiful, vibrant and very intense garnet red colour. The nose is full of ripe grapes, spices, flowers, minerals and toasted aromas from the barrel. The palate is powerful, full and soft. The tannins of the grape mingle with those of the barrel and the finish is a good reminder of red fruit, mineral notes, spice and toast.

The wine is ready to taste and will continue to improve in the coming years. It is a perfect pairing for the new cuisine based on cheeses, sausages, all types of roasted meats and stews.

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Additional information



Wine name

Casajús Barrica

Grape variety





Ribera del Duero


D.O.C. Ribera del Duero


Red Wine

Harvest year



Glass bottle

Wine content





Fruity, Vanilla, Liquorice

Wine and Food

Cheeses, Spanish sausages, Stews

Alcohol (%)





6 months French and American Oak, stainless steel



Sur Lie


Use within

5 years

Serving temperature

15 - 17˚C

Article number



Bodegas Casajus

Ribera del Duero is a wine region in Spain with a long and rich history. Viticulture in the region dates back to Roman times. In the 12th century, the first cellars were dug out and in the 15th century the first regulations were drawn up to control the production and trade of wine. In 1982, the Designation of Origin Ribera del Duero was officially created.

Ribera del Duero is one of Spain's most famous wine regions. The region's wines are made from the Tempranillo grape, which has a unique flavour determined by the region's soil and climate. The soil of the vineyards consists of sand and pebbles, which is ideal for the Tempranillo grape. The climate of Ribera del Duero is characterised by large temperature contrasts between summer and winter, even between day and night. These temperature contrasts give the Tempranillo grape a full and intense flavour.

Wines from Ribera del Duero are known for their ripe fruit aromas, such as cherries, blackberries and plums. The wines are also often spicy and have a soft tannic flavour. Wines from Ribera del Duero can be served with a wide range of dishes, such as meat, fish and poultry.

The wines from Ribera del Duero are among the most acclaimed in the world. The wines can regularly be found in the top lists of wine critics. The wines from Ribera del Duero are highly recommended for wine lovers.