Ename Pater

Ename Pater - Unfiltered, surprisingly light and flavourful

Taste experience
Citrus, herbs and hops predominate in the nose of this organic pater. The finish is dry and hoppy due to the dry hopping which is
applied at the end of the brewing process.

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Young and creamy cheeses, Salads, Cod, Spicy curry

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20L keg, 33cl glass return


In the 10th century, the Scheldt formed the border between the French and German empires, with Ename as a strategic point. In 1063, the Benedictine abbey was founded there. The first brewing activities in the region date from that date. The abbey became the beating heart of Ename; until the eighteenth century, it was bustling with activity in and around the abbey. Unfortunately, during the French Revolution, the abbey was razed to the ground. Ruins are all that remains...

But fortunately, along with Ename Abbey, beer has not disappeared forever. With passion for beer, craftsmanship and respect for the medieval Benedictine recipe, Roman Brewery brews five full-flavoured abbey beers, each with its own character.

Roman Brewery

Ename is part of brewery Roman. As the oldest family brewery in Belgium, brewery Roman is known for its rich assortment of beers. These are brewed one by one in the traditional way, with traditional craftsmanship and a lot of love for beer and have been for almost 5 centuries....

The brewery is currently run by 14th-generation Carlo and Lode Roman. With feeling
for tradition and an eye for innovation, they too take the art of brewing to the highest standard
With a mission to create the perfect taste sensation

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