Gulpener rum barrel aged

Gulpener rum barrel aged - Barrel aged beer from rum barrels.

Taste experience
Our Double IPA was also given an ice-cold treatment and cooled to -20°C. The freeze-distilled Double IPA then entered our vaulted cellars to mature for 12 months in Jamaican rum barrels. A beautifully complex and craft beer. Delicious by a crackling fire, on the sailboat or just safe at home on the couch.


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Beer style

Barrel Aged

Colour of beer


Hop species

Limburger Hops




Empanadas, Fish and Chips, Goat's cheese, Light salads, Fish

Available in

30cl glass return


Gulpener; the free brewer
As an independent family brewery, they have enjoyed their freedom since 1825. The freedom to sail their own course and only do what feels right. The freedom not to flatten the taste of beer, but to enrich it and constantly look for new flavours. They have been experiencing this freedom for 8 generations and you can taste it in their beautiful range of 16 speciality beers.

Gulpener Brewery has a strong connection with its surroundings and they like to be of value to the world around us. That's why they brew beer with water from their own wells, use hops from their own hop garden and their barley comes from farmers in the region. All this keeps their 'footprint' low and at the same time makes Gulpener the only real beer from Dutch soil.

How can they do even better as a sustainable 'Free Brewer'? Can they make even more honest and delicious beer, without losing sight of traditional craftsmanship? Questions that regularly lead to new adventures, experiments and, last but not least, new tastes. Flavours with which they hope to surprise the real beer-lover for generations to come.

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