King David

King David - The King David is a deep red wine with a fruity finish. The wine is made from the Concorde grape, which originates from America. The Concorde grape was brought to Israel for its special characteristics and flavour. The wine has a rich aroma that is very characteristic of this grape.

The King David is a great wine to drink with drinks or with dinner. The wine also makes a good gift for a special occasion.


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Wine house


Type of wine

Red wine


Kosher, Mevushal, Sweet

Suitable for

Supper wine, Havdalah, Kiddush

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Carmel Winery

Carmel winery's King David wine is a symbol of Israel. It is a story of vision and hard work, of a country built from the void.

In 1882, the first Israeli pioneers turned to Baron Edmond de Rothschild for help. The baron was a wealthy businessman known for his support of the Jewish community. He sent representatives to Israel to assess growing conditions. The representatives returned with positive reports and the baron helped the pioneers plant vineyards.

The first vineyards were planted in Zihron Ya'akov, a town in northern Israel. The vineyards were a success and Carmel winery soon became one of the largest wineries in Israel.

In 2000, Carmel winery invested in new technology and equipment. This made it possible to make better wines and Carmel winery became the leading winery in Israel.

King David wine is a symbol of Israeli identity. It is a wine made from local grapes and produced in Israel. The wine is a reminder of the hard work and vision of Israel's pioneers. It is a wine that represents the pride of Israel.