Quint GlÜck 3L

Quint Glück 3L - Quint Gluck is a high-quality mulled wine with herbal extracts from Belgium. With its fruity taste and the scents of cinnamon and speculaaskruiden, for cosy, wintery moments. Quint Glühwein is available in red and white.

The perfect preparation:

  • Heat Quint Gluck and pour into a Quint Glück glass.
  • Add a slice of lemon and orange, a cinnamon stick and your ready-to-use mulled wine is ready!
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Additional information



Wine name

Quint Glück

Grape variety







Mulled wine


Bag in box

Wine content





Spicy, Full, Sweet

Alcohol (%)


Use within

2 years

Serving temperature

86 - 92˚C

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QUINT was founded in 1990 in Belgium with the aim of producing happiness! And you can taste that! All Quint products are produced to the highest quality. For instance, unlike traditional sangrias, produced from rejected wine grapes and low alcohol content of 6% to 10%, Quint has a full, sensational taste! This product is made from strictly selected grapes. It is also not diluted with water and therefore has a high alcohol content of 14.9%!

The founders  started production in 1990, in the first years it was built with a lot of customer feedback to give QUINT sangria the perfect taste. At that time, we only delivered to the catering industry in order to serve a better product than was available in the supermarkets. After 25 years, QUINT sangria is no longer unavailable on the Belgian market. In the course of the years, consumers asked more and more to consume QUINT sangria at home during BBQs, weddings and other home parties, but even just as their daily aperitif. Due to this demand, new smaller packages were designed and a luxury bottle, which shows the quality of QUINT sangria, was created. The sale of QUINT sangria started in the liquor shops and other wholesalers.

In order to maintain quality and meet demand, production was transferred from Belgium to Madrid in Spain where it is still done manually. This was a logical step, since the wine was previously shipped from this region to Belgium. This way, QUINT can always deliver the same quality!