Rebel noose

Rebel Straw - A beer with a story.

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The flavour of Rebelse Strop is captivating and changes as time passes, thanks to its characteristic Brett yeast. When still young, Rebelse Strop has a more complex flavour, with fruity aromas, a subtle bitterness from hops and a slight acidity. After a few months, Rebelse Strop develops a softer and fuller flavour.

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Chicken and poultry, Soft cheeses, Rabbit

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20L keg, 33cl glass return




Rebel noose gets its name from the proud Gentenaars, nicknamed "noose bearers". When the Gentenaars refused to pay extra war taxes in 1540, Charles V ordered the notables of Ghent to go around with a noose around their necks as a sign that they deserved the gallows. To this day, the noose is the symbol of proud resistance to any form of tyranny and misplaced authority. Gentse Strop is a tribute to everyone who takes pride to heart...

Roman Brewery

Gentse Strop is part of brewery Roman. As the oldest family brewery in Belgium, brewery Roman is known for its rich assortment of beers. These are brewed one by one in the traditional way, with traditional craftsmanship and a lot of love for beer and have been for almost 5 centuries....

The brewery is currently run by 14th-generation Carlo and Lode Roman. With feeling
for tradition and an eye for innovation, they too take the art of brewing to the highest standard
With a mission to create the perfect taste sensation

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