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Roman Black Label - Premium lager...

Taste experience
This premium lager is synonymous with modern elegance. On smelling this beer, you will be surprised by its delicious fruity and hoppy notes. It is a refreshing thirst quencher that indulges your taste buds with the perfect combination of hops, malt and a subtle bitterness. It is amazing how this lager suddenly transforms into a pale ale. Since 2021, Roman Black Label has been granted gluten-free status, but the characteristic taste and aroma of this lager have remained unchanged.

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Goat cheese, Sea bass

Beer style


Colour of beer

Golden yellow



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25cl glass return


Roman black Label, the premium lager in the Roman range, from the century-old, Belgian brewery Roman...

Roman Brewery

As the oldest family brewery in Belgium, brewery Roman is known for its rich range of beers. These are brewed one by one using traditional craftsmanship and a lot of love for beer, and have been for almost 5 centuries....

The brewery is currently run by 14th-generation Carlo and Lode Roman. With feeling
for tradition and an eye for innovation, they too take the art of brewing to the highest standard
With a mission to create the perfect taste sensation

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