Silly Kriek

Silly Kriek - Silly Kriek is a harmonious blend of wheat beer and cherry juice. It has a beautiful red colour and is crowned with a creamy foam. The flavour is sublime and will delight lovers of fruity beers....


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Fresh and fruity

Beer style

Fruit beer

Colour of beer

Cherry red

Hop species









Young and creamy cheeses, Chicken and poultry, Salads, Oily fish, White fish

Pouring temperature


Available in

25cl glass return, 75cl glass oneway, 20L cask return

Beer content

25cl, 20L









Long aftertaste



Silly Brewery

At Brasserie de Silly, the expertise of artisanal beer brewing has been passed on for six generations since 1850. The brewery is a reference in terms of quality. Belgian and foreign customers appreciate its accessibility, customer-friendliness and flexibility. Brasserie de Silly produces a range of Belgian beers. Each beer, including the Silly Kriek, is traditionally brewed with the best ingredients: pure water, unique yeast whose secret is known only to the master brewer, the best hops and quality malt.

Brasserie de Silly NV is owned by the 6egeneration of the family. Cousins Lionel and Bertrand Van der Haegen run the company. Bertrand is in charge of production, Lionel of sales. Their parents, brothers Jean-Paul and Didier Van der Haegen, are still active in the board of directors.

Brasserie de Silly is experiencing steady growth due to exports and the image of quality. In 2008, the brewery produced 10,000 hectolitres, in 2018 more than 25,000 hectolitres. The market is on the rise: traditional Belgian beers are becoming more and more successful in a large number of countries around the world..

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History of brewery Silly

In the 19th century, large Hainaut farms used barley and hops to brew seasonal beers for farm workers. In Silly, a Belgian village 40 km southwest of Brussels, Marcelin Hypolite Mynbrughen started the brewery in 1850, first still under the name Cense de la Tour. Years later, in 1900, Marcelin's son Adelin won a silver medal at the Paris World Exhibition. During the First World War, Adelin's son, Adelin jr set up a new beer with the help of English soldiers passing through Silly. 

The agricultural activity stopped in 1947. Since then, the focus has been entirely on the brewery which then only produced top fermentation beers such as Grisette, Saison and Scotch. In 1950, a lager, a low-fermentation beer was launched, destined for the brewery's pubs.

In 1975, after the takeover of Brasserie Tennstedt Decroes in Eningen, the Double Enghien based on a dark high-fermentation beer joined the range. Today, the Enghien range has 3 beers : Enghien Blonde, Enghien Brune and the Christmas beer Enghien Noël. In 1990 Blanche de Silly and La Divine were launched. In 2004 the Pink Killer, a fruity wheat beer with grapefruit juice, was added.

In recent years, much attention has been paid to research and development. This led to some new beers:

  • Abbaye de Forest, a recognised abbey beer
  • Silly Pils BIO, the only Walloon organic Pils
  • Green Killer IPA, a distinctly hoppy beer.