Silly Scotch

Silly Scotch - Originated from a unique tradition and has become a benchmark beer over the years for its particular style.

Taste experience
Its complex aromas exude the scent of brioche, accompanied by sultanas, fruit jam and fresh raspberries. A generous, full-bodied beer reminiscent of a liqueur. The first, most striking impressions are of honey and caramel. In the aftertaste, flavours of plums and roasted malt emerge.


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Beer style

Scotch Ale

Colour of beer

Cherry red

Hop species

Hallertau, Kent




Seasoned dishes, Spicy and mature cheeses, Meats, Sweet desserts

Available in

33cl glass return


Silly Brewery
At Brasserie de Silly, the expertise of craft beer brewing has been passed on for 6 generations since 1850. The brewery is a reference in terms of quality. Belgian and foreign customers appreciate the accessibility, customer friendliness and flexibility. Brasserie de Silly produces a wide range of Belgian beers. Each beer is brewed according to traditional methods with the best ingredients: pure water, unique yeast of which only the master brewer knows the secret, the best hops and quality malt.

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