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Test boards

In order to respond more and more to the experience and needs of your guests, we at Bevenco have developed various tasting boards for both wine and beer. With changing themes and taste variations, you can serve the right boards to your guests for all times and seasons. We have worked everything out with matching cards for text and explanation. We also supply matching glasses such as the Royal Leerdam AnDer 1.0; the tasting glass for the true beer lover. Or a wine glass without stem from our partner Oberglas. Success and enthusiasm guaranteed! 


As far as we are concerned, there is one brand to work with; Gamko! Maybe not the cheapest, but in the long run the best choice. And that's why we like to install these fridges at our clients' premises. These refrigerators are quiet, energy-efficient, efficient and very solid. Gamko is a global player in the production of professional refrigerators for the hospitality industry, catering and recreation companies and other institutions with catering facilities. Since 1958, they have supplied a unique and innovative mix of products to customers all over the world. Back then, it revolutionised the world of professional refrigeration. 

Terrace decoration

Of course, we can also help you decorate your terrace! From our various brands, we have a wide range of parasols, pavement signs, beach chairs and a lot of other POS material. Furthermore, we can also offer tailor-made solutions with our partner Solero; allowing us to infinitely vary all kinds of solutions in the field of parasols and related matters! 

Climate cabinets

Only at the right temperature do your drinks come into their own. Even a few degrees difference in temperature has a big influence on the taste experience. Climate chambers are ideal for keeping various types of wine and beer in stock at the required drinking temperatures. In these climate chambers, different temperatures are achieved by using special components.

We have chosen to cooperate with Taste of the World. As a refrigeration specialist Taste of the World constantly new solutions for more cooling comfort, ease of operation and energy savings. High-quality materials finished in detail, modern and precise electronic controls and an environmentally friendly production process guarantee high quality. The finish of these wine climate cabinets is also very luxurious.


With Oberglas You will always look good! This stylish, all-purpose glassware is of excellent hospitality quality. Made of high quality crystal, it is chic and elegant, but at the same time it can take a beating, because we know that in the hospitality industry this is necessary! We offer you a classic and modern line of glasses and have them in six variations for; mineral water, whiskey, champagne, white wine, red wine and the so-called burgundy glasses. With this we can cover the total dragon range for you.

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