Sauvignon Blanc Paloma

CitrusCocktail with a twist

The refreshing Paloma is traditionally made with tequila, but it is the grapefruit that is the key ingredient and gives it that hint of bitterness. We have added a twist to this much-loved recipe with our Allan Scott Sauvignon Blanc Paloma; crisp, tangy, juicy full of passion fruit, gooseberry, lemongrass and a slight spiciness. This is full-on enjoyment, but with less alcohol.

Beer and wine are often the standard choices on the terrace, and while everyone has their own preferences, it is always fun to try something new. And this is one of them, the new trend of wine cocktails. Personally, I love wine cocktails because they can complement the flavours of the wine very nicely by adding the right fresh ingredients. The result is a refreshing drink that tastes like sunshine in your glass!

This delicious Sauvignon Blanc Paloma can be made in minutes and tastes like it could be found in a fancy bar! Last but not least, you probably already have most of the ingredients on hand!

The recipe for this tasty cocktail

90 ml Allan Scott Sauvignon Blanc
15 ml Grapefruit juice
15 ml Lime juice
20 ml Honey
30 ml Gerolsteiner Sprudel
Ice cubes
*Salt for glass edge

Step 1. Chill the wine, grapefruit, lime juice and Gerolsteiner well before making this cocktail.

Step 2. This step is *optional. Sprinkle some salt on a plate.

Step 3. Wipe the rim of the glass with a wedge of lime, then place it in the salt. Shake off the excess salt.

Step 4. Take a shaker and in it mix the grapefruit and lime juice with the wine and honey. Stir until everything is well mixed and the honey has dissolved.

Step 5. Serve with or without ice cubes. Use a strainer to pour the cocktail into a glass. This will ensure that any undissolved honey is stopped.

Step 6. Add the Gerolsteiner water, garnish with a lime zest and serve!

So, are you going to make this Sauvignon Blanc Paloma?

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