Team bevenco

They make the difference! Our people are Burgundians, bon vivants, professionals, all with a great passion for drinks! Each with his or her own speciality, which they are happy to share with you! Because let's face it, that's added value for you, your assortment and your turnover! Outstanding drinks deserves outstanding people! 

In addition to being knowledgeable, our team is customer-friendly, out-of-the-box thinking and service-oriented. And really, really service-minded; take a look here at what we like to do extra for our customers!

Therefore, we do not believe in one person per area. You can choose which of our colleagues you would like to have contact with within the specialism and profile that emotionally suits you best! Therefore, please contact one of our employees and experience it yourself!

Robert van Gurp

Registered Vinologist
Our financial manager! Robert links everything together and knows how to make the right connections. He makes sure that in the field of finance and transport everything is arranged optimally. As co-founder of Bevenco, there are no secrets for him within the entire range of drinks! And with his completed training as a vintner, he has an in-depth knowledge of wine.
+31 6 25 08 38 77

Willem Jan Struik

Registered Vinologist
From a burgundian home, he has been active in the drinks sector from the very beginning. He likes to invest in the market and his customers and always has new ideas. The perfect balance with his partner who puts this into perspective ensures the right course and balance within the company. As a Registered Vinologist, his wine knowledge is extensive, but as a true enthusiast, he has a great passion and knowledge for the entire range of drinks.
+31 6 41 07 27 26

Rene Verhoef

Frysk blood tsjoch on! Our Frisian who now lives in Zeeuws Vlaanderen because of the love of his life. Running, cycling, swimming; he loves it; that triathlon is going to happen! In the field of drinks, he has been around for about 15 years. He is happy to advise you on the entire breadth of our portfolio. But the 2-year zythologist training in Ghent provides an enormous beer knowledge that he knows how to apply perfectly!
+31 6 41 31 97 83

Herman Struik

Wine Specialist
Herman the Handyman! He is technically very strong and works out the concepts that are being developed. He is also a lover of beautiful drinks and a true wine specialist. He also has a great fondness for Israel and can enthuse in detail about the beautiful drinks that we also import from this country. In his spare time, he likes to work on his kamado to prepare the most beautiful dishes, and to compensate, he takes his racing bike for a brisk pedal.
+31 6 13 35 50 22



Jeanne-Marij van der Veer

Office Manager

She is a warm welcome to our visitors and our support and anchor in the office! Jeanne-Marij is a cheerful, tidy, administrative jack-of-all-trades who doesn't shy away from anything. An organisational all-rounder, Jeanne-Marij always has her affairs in order. And of course she is also a lover of the good life, compensating the enjoyment of a good glass of wine with a brisk endurance run.
+31 187 84 46 95


Daan-Jan Orgers

Logistics Manager

The words 'can't' and 'failed' are not in his dictionary. Daan-Jan is extremely results-oriented and never shies away from a challenge. The warehouse is his domain and he makes sure that everything is arranged down to the last detail. Daan-Jan is a big fan of motor sports. He regularly gets behind the wheel with a good glass of special beer, but then in his racing simulator.
+31 187 84 46 95


Ellen van Leeuwen

Account manager Retail

As a mother of five, you get passion for wine no matter what! This is how it started for Ellen some eight years ago. Together with her partner, she started a wine shop in Breukelen. Since then, she has obtained her WSET certificate and has rapidly developed into a true specialist. Sprightly and frivolous, she likes to talk about her love of bottles and knows how to flawlessly meet the needs of retailers.
31 6 14964464

Wilko de Neef

Sales Manager

He had stopped drinking beer yesterday, but today he is celebrating his comeback! Mr. Beer is here. He has seen, heard and tasted a lot in the world of drinks. If you are not having your day, Wilko will make sure you are. His life motto is: 'say what you do and do what you say' and this is also what he lives up to. Wilko is a true bon vivant; a joy to live by!
+31 6 51 52 22 64


Ton van Hoorn

Logistics Hero

Always in for a party. That is DJ Ton! Many know him from Besides the fact that Ton provides a lot of fun at a party, we really like the fact that he is part of our team. Ton is a pleasant person to deal with and has many years of logistical experience in the beverages industry. He enjoys it when the warehouse is neat and orderly and that all orders are out on time and correctly. That is also a pleasure for our business relations. That is why Ton is a party for us, and we hope for a lot longer than just 'a little while'.
+31 187 84 46 95



Janet Rottier

Management assistant & HR

Her fragrance library is larger than many a wine specialist within the organisation! For 10 years, she has been active in the drugstore industry. From here, she brings a lot of experience and specialism to take the organisation to higher and structured levels. She is a true pillar of support for all commercial activities as well as a listening ear for all employees. Wine that is pink in colour makes her happy!

Bart van Doorn

Vinologist & Liquorist

Pleasant, Bib Gourmand! Euhh Bart Gourmand aka van Doorn. Bart is a true epicurean, an epicurean who enjoys total gastronomy with friends and family. No way he will ever let go of this culinary world. He is therefore a qualified wine expert and liquorist. He has a history with traditional wine importers and was keen to apply his knowledge and network to a fresh, young and innovative organisation.
31 6 41200672

Peter Los


Meet Peter Los, our wine expert with an encyclopaedic knowledge and a heart that beats faster with wonderful nature... wine. His genial nature makes every conversation a pleasant meeting. Peter combines his wealth of expertise with a bubbly enthusiasm, making him a valued member of our team. Get carried away by his stories and taste the passion with which he talks about his speciality.
0187 844 695

Team Salted

At Salted, we know how to position your brand perfectly like no other. Why? Because our team consists of a group of specialists who have a lifetime of experience in the FMCG industry. Anything to do with food, drink, hospitality; is what we love to dissect, flavour, present and package in a great marketing jacket. With the aim of stimulating all the senses in your customers.

Marjon van Alphen

Multimedia designer

Still waters, deep grounds. At least, this is what you might think with Marjon. Concentrated and with complete focus, she takes in all design issues. To then draw her inspiration from those bottomless deep grounds. She then puts down the most creative expressions and visual products with perfectionism. And around this, Marjon is a tremendously nice and sociable person with a love of nature and hospitality.
085 401 949 5

Pieter Struik


Pieter our bon vivant! His youth and enthusiasm ensure a present, positive, vibe in our premises. He has a passion for the web. Fiddling with codes, complicated terms like Javascript, HTML, CSS fly around here. But fortunately, he also likes to drink a special beer, which is the level that suits us better. Fortunately, his knowledge brings the necessary expertise to our technical issues and those of our customers.
31 6 30832863

Lizzy Oudeman

All-round marketer

Lizzy is an energetic, creative online marketer who combines guts and common sense in the right dose. She enthusiastically turns her unique ideas into marketing concepts for the hospitality industry. She also loves food photography! This often produces enchanting images; so you have photos on your social media that you really want to sink your teeth into. Her guilty pleasure? Smokey, peated whiskey with a cigar!
31 6 131155752

Tamara Lokker

Photographer and DTP

This is Tamara, an enthusiastic lens and life artist with an eye for the extraordinary. Her passion for photography not only brings images to life, but also tells a story behind every shot. With one leg in the world of sociability and hospitality and the other in the world of creativity and details, she knows how to capture the essence of the moment and connect people with her lens time and again.

Melissa Dryer


Meet Melissa, our talented draftsman. Melissa is the type where skill and talent go hand in hand. She may not speak much, but her drawings tell stories that transcend a thousand words. With every line she draws, with every shadow she carefully places, she brings her ideas to life on the paper.