Value adders in the beverage range

Adding value to the beverage assortment, inspiring in the area of 'enjoyment', that is our motivation. In our view, the beverage segment can be divided into three categories; 'drinking', 'enjoyment' and 'exclusive'.


Drinking' is the uninspiring, thousand-a-penny range. People choose (or are forced to choose) everything from one brewer, one (soft drink) producer because of high discounts or certain so-called conveniences of the same packaging crate. 


Enjoyment' is what the consumer comes to the hotel, restaurant or specialist shop for! Everything revolves around experience and quality! Drinking something different than the standard, supported by a good story and optimal knowledge. A drinks menu or shop range that conveys this knowledge and is well thought-out and varied. Products that are consciously chosen for their quality, appearance, story, history, experience and craftsmanship! The pampering moment that brings consumers to your shop and... that brings them back. We 100% believe that this is a winning concept for the long term. A consumption may be a little higher in price, but the consumer value will still be much higher. This way you will have a higher cash register and your customer will be optimally satisfied! 


Exclusive' is fantastic, but often unrealistic. We certainly have these products in the portfolio, but in a logical proportion to the 'enjoyment' segment. Of course it is wonderful to be able to spoil those consumers who like and can appreciate this, but it is often not the range on which your business can run completely. But together with you, we know how to strike the right balance!