Amici Limoncello

From Amalfi to AMICI

AMICI's story begins 1,855 km from here, in the Amalfi Coast, 30 kilometres south of Naples. The world's purest and most aromatic lemons grow against the rock walls of this unique environment. Also called the gold of the Amalfi. Admittedly, the lemons of the Amalfi Coast do not deserve any beauty prize. But what is ugly on the outside is often beautiful on the inside. With great care, the lemons are hand-picked, peeled and processed immediately to preserve the rich presence of essential oils. After all, these are mainly responsible for AMICI's unique flavour experience.

Amici (3)

Limoncello, but AMICI

The use of the most sweetened part of grain alcohol and osmosis water completes AMICI Limoncello. No chemical and alcoholic aftertaste like you might be used to, but a smooth and rich taste that takes you back to Italian Amalfi for a while.

Amici Limoncello is a symbol of Italian tradition and craftsmanship, and tasting this liqueur is like taking a culinary journey through the sun-drenched Amalfi coastline... The taste of craft, of quality and of passion is unmistakably reflected.

Made the traditional way with the purest and most aromatic lemons from Italy's Amalfi.