Pinea 17

Ribera del Duero; home to the country's most iconic wine estate - the historic Vega Sicilia - but also one of the promises of the current wine era. 

The stretch of the Duero river between Valladolid and Peñafiel is a great area for wine growing in Spain. It is here, across the Duero from "Vega Sicilia" that the Mexican-born founders of Bodegas Pinea established their winery. 

They acquired high altitude plots with old vines near Burgos, in the heart of the DO Ribera del Duero, and hired the acclaimed winemaker Fernández - who learned his trade from his uncle, Mariano García, the legendary old winemaker of Vega Sicilia aka; the Master Sommelier!

The "17" on the label of the 'Pinea 17' is a tribute to an important year in the evolution of Bodegas Pinea: 2017 marked the winery's first commercial releases and was also the year Spanish golfer Sergio García won his first "major" tournament (The Masters), so Fernández and company created "17" to commemorate a "year of triumphs". And this wine is definitely a triumph; with high-quality notes of Burgundy perfume that was carefully extracted from high altitude, 30+ year old Tempranillo vines, not to mention the skill of the winemaker, "the Wine Spectatocralls' 1 of Spain's stars among young winemakers. " Only 1,000 cases were produced and, despite all the impressive facts surrounding this class of wine, the price is surprisingly low. Let's all take advantage now before this estate really explodes!