Quint Sangria

Quint Sangria

Cheers to the opening of the terraces! We hope for a beautiful and healthy hospitality year! Did you know that Quint Sangria is a household name in Belgium and that for many entrepreneurs and individuals, this brand is indispensable because of its convenience and high quality! 

Quint Sangria is produced with quality Spanish wines and with local Spanish ingredients such as: sugar, alcohol and natural fruit extracts. Alcohol is also added to obtain the constant alcohol content of 15%. This keeps the taste, colour and quality the same.

Premium Quint Sangria is ready-to-use, does not require refrigeration and is available in several varieties: red, white and rosé. Quint Pink is the rosé variant of Quint red and white. Quint Pink contains pink grapefruit which makes it refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Available in different proportions: 75 cl bottle, 3L Bib, 5L Bib and 15L Bib. The bag-in-boxes have a shelf life of 6 months after opening and contain a tap. Unopened, Quint Sangria will keep for 1 year. The quality will only improve then, just like good wine.

The perfect preparation

1. Take a Quint Sangria glass and fill one-third of it with ice cubes.

2. Add pieces of freshly cut fruit, finish with a slice of orange.

3. Pour Quint Sangria into the Quint Sangria glass.

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    Quilt sangria box stays good for 1 year unopened but where is there a date on it I don't know how long it has been in the shop anyway


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