Weingut Schreibeis

Weingut Schreibeis

It is already 3 years ago that Edwin gave us a wonderful tour of Weingut Schreibeis in Strass (Austria). It was he who convinced us of their great wines; in taste, freshness and a good price/quality ratio. And that is exactly what we were looking for. Since then, we import the following 3 wines from Weingut Schreibeis. A dry white, tingly, fresh Schreibeis Gruner Veltliner Ried Haselthe Schreibeis Gruner Veltliner Gaisberge Reserve and a light red, fruity wine made from the grape Zweigelt; the Schreibeis Zweigelt. Fun fact: the wines are named after the hills (Ried) where the vines are planted. 

It is not surprising that Edwin Schreibeis, the grandson of the Weingut's founder, was able to give us a great tour. After all, he attended the Vinohak Wine School in Krems. Then he worked for 6 years at Sepp Moser Winery in Rohrendorf as cellar master and passed the master's exam in viticulture and vinification in 2012. He gained experience in New Zealand at Framingham Winery in 2014 and completed the organic certificate course at the Krems School of Viticulture in 2015. Edwin Schreibeis joined the family winery Schreibeis in mid-2014 and has been responsible for the wines and vinification in the cellar since the 2017 harvest.

The Schreibeis family now owns 20 hectares of vineyards and has started to work with greening between the rows of vines. They plant many different herbs and flowers to optimise the biodiversity in the vineyards. As a result, the grapes need to be sprayed as little as possible, which benefits the quality of the wine.

Harvest 2020

Edwin told us about the 2020 harvest: "All in all a very good vintage, in the winter and spring it was dry, which slowed down the growth in the first month. We had some very cold nights in April and May with frost, but fortunately no major damage in the vineyards. Then we finally got some rain and the vineyards developed very well and quickly. The summer was average in temperature with some hot days, but no long periods with more than 30 degrees. At the beginning of the harvest we got some rain, which brought back memories of 2014, a very wet autumn with lots of botrytis. But 2020 ended well, it got dry and the sugar level in the grapes went up too! The wines are a bit lighter in alcohol than the previous vintages and have a bit more acidity, freshness and fruitiness."


Wine cellar Schreibeis

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